Brythwchffordd Dockyard

Brythwchffordd Dockyard is my planned small GWR Layout, set just around the headland north of Aberystwyth. The layout is set in a fictonous quayside at the bottom of the cliffs,just around the headland from Aberystwyth, with the only acess being a single track tunnel through the headland and a narrow, steep road cut into the cliff. I'll be using chain shunting for added opperatonal interests.

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Set 1928-1938
During the First World War, the GWR and 120 other railway companies throughout the country were brought under Government control for the duration of the war. Passenger timetables were affected very little for the first two years while freight workings were mostly for the transportation of coal. As the GWR had lines directly to most of the South Wales coalfields, they in total moved 90 per cent of the coal required for the country and nothing was to interfere with these 'Jellicoe Specials' as they were called. This increased activity called for the GWR to expand its sea ports, and so at the end of a little known branch line, about 5miles north of Aberystwyth, they decided to expand the small station for the fictional village of Brythwchffordd (storm way). The line stayed single track due to budget constraints, but a large warehouse and goods shed were built to store the goods prior to shipping. Two 'pill box' gun emplacements were fitted in 1917 to protect the dockyard from any seaward attack.

After the end of hostilities the dockyard lost its large coal carrying facilities, which used to lie to the north of the station, but it managed to hang onto its warehouse and goods shed. The warehouse was subsequently bought by
Smith & Co, and is mainly used to store sacks of grain and other farm produce. The pill boxes sitting at the top of the cliff remain, although are showing obvious signs of wear due to lack of maintenance but still pose an imposing sight, framing the scene. The single track running along the dock front was built to house a small traversing steam crane, which is used to speed up the loading and unloading of goods from the ships and railways.

Today you may catch a fleeting glimpse of a sea gull as it swoops in the wind and lands on the fishing boats and ships moored to the quay. The scene is occasionally disturbed by the puffing of the yard's resident engine as it goes about its duties sorting incoming trains and as the twice daily passenger train steams in and a bell in the cliff-top station house is sounded to warn the residents of the village above of its arrival.
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Here are some photos of the Aberystwyth area

And the Proposed Layout

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